Permanent Memorialization

This means creating a dedicated place for family and friends to connect and remember your loved one.

A Consistent Place of Healing

We are here to assist you in any way possible to ensure that every detail of the arrangement process meets your satisfaction. One way we can guide you in personalizing a lasting memorialization is by offering many options for you to choose from. We can help you select the material, the type and size of the stone, as well as what will be engraved on the memorial, and we can even help with approving the final layout. Because we have many styles, colors and shapes to choose from, it is best to speak with a funeral director from the Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Homes & Crematory who can further assist you in personalizing a custom memorial piece for your loved one.

In addition to monuments, we offer a variety of memorials for placement at the grave site. Similar to the freedom in personalization offered with monuments, memorials come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles tailored to suit a variety of wishes. We work with quality materials and provide superior craftsmanship in order to ensure our clients are satisfied with the final result.

Historically reserved for individuals in society whose rank was of high importance, the mausoleum is another option offered through Beidelman-Kunsch Funeral Homes & Crematory. Members of modern society choose this option as a way to keep their family in a single reserved area. Just like our other permanent memorialization options, we can assist you in choosing the mausoleum which most suits your family's needs.